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New Digs For Dogs relies on the support and love from foster families

and volunteers. Please click on the drop down menu above to be

directed to a page specifically for Fosters and Volunteers.


Interested in either fostering or volunteering for the rescue? The first

step is to fill out the corresponding Application which is located on the

respective page for what you are wanting to do. Upon receiving your

application a member of the rescue will review it to ensure that we are

making the best possible match for a dog who has come into our

rescue. After it is reviewed you will be contacted by a member for further information. An interview and a home visit may be required before an application is approved.


Although we appreciate the interest, not all applicants will be accepted. New Digs for Dogs reserves all rights to refuse an applicant and more information may be requested at its discretion. If you have other questions please email us at the address below and we will be sure to respond as soon as we can.


Thank you for your interest in helping these dogs in need!

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